Digital Ticket FAQs

What is mobile ticketing?

Tickets that are accessed through your smart phone. Broadway In Wichita is encouraging patrons to switch over to mobile ticketing as it is a more secure and easier way to manage tickets.

What do I do to be prepared for entering the theatre?

Century II has complimentary WiFi but connectivity may be intermittent at the theatre if there are too many people using it. Please plan to use Cellular Data to access your tickets when possible or disconnect from the WiFi once you are inside the theatre. We encourage you to save your order confirmation/invoice to your phone or bring a printout as a backup in case you need help. 

How do I access my mobile/digital ticket?

Using your smart phone – log in to your account at

From the dropdown “My Account” menu, click the blue button that says “View Tickets”.

Tickets will be sorted chronologically with all tickets for the same performance appearing under the same tile. Click on the tile for the show you are attending.

A summary of all tickets for that performance will appear. Click the purple “Scan Tickets” button.

You will now see a barcode for one of your tickets. You can view the other ticket barcodes by swiping left or right or using the arrows that appear on the sides of the screen.
If the Scan Tickets button is grayed out or some seats are not displaying barcodes, then those tickets either haven’t been pushed to your account yet or they’ve been printed as physical tickets. Some tickets may be issued later than others. If the tickets still aren’t available two weeks before your performance, contact the box office.

There is also a “details” link next to the show name on the scan screen. The details screen will show additional details about your order; venue staff may ask to see this screen when assisting you. 

How do I download my mobile/digital ticket to my cellphone wallet?

Digital Tickets must be accessed in real time from the website. Tickets cannot be downloaded to a digital wallet app.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?

The best way to use a Digital Ticket is to access it in real time from the website.
Screenshots of tickets may be accepted but keep in mind there is a chance for error in doing so. If the order was changed at all, a screenshot may not contain the most up-to-date barcode. The barcode must also be 100% visible and the correct size.
If you want to use a screenshot of your ticket, we encourage you to save your order confirmation/invoice to your phone or bring a printout as a backup in case there are any issues.

I go with friends/family members, how do I get their tickets to them?

The easiest way is for all patrons using tickets from your account to arrive together and scan tickets off of one phone.

You may share a screenshot of individual tickets via text or email with members of your party if it is not possible to arrive together.
Keep in mind that screenshots must display the whole barcode and at the correct size.

Capture and send the screenshot as close to the performance as possible to ensure the barcode is up-to-date.

Only accountholders may access the order or request reprints. In case there are any issues that would require that they visit the box office for assistance, we recommend that you send your party member with a copy of the order confirmation/invoice and a signed copy of the accountholder’s ID.

Alternatively, you may contact the box office and request that individual tickets be put in Will Call. There will be a small charge for printing physical tickets.

If I have more than one ticket for the show, do I have to present all tickets at the same time?

Yes, all patrons who will be using mobile tickets on your phone should enter at the same time. If members of your party are arriving separately, then you will need to share the ticket they will be using for entry using the steps listed above.

Do tickets need to be printed to view them in my account via a mobile device?

No, tickets do not need to be physically printed to use as a digital ticket but WichitaTIX must first generate the barcode that will appear in your online account. Tickets will still be viewable in your account but if you cannot click “Scan Tickets” after clicking the “View Tickets” button (see above), then the barcode has not yet been generated.

When I retrieve a ticket using my account via a mobile device, will it invalidate existing tickets that were previously printed?

Tickets can only be EITHER digital OR physical. Changing between the two methods must be done by box office staff. Contact the box office if you would like to change your ticket. A physical ticket will be invalidated if it is turned into a digital ticket. A digital ticket will be removed from your online account after it is printed.

Can I print my mobile/digital ticket from my desktop computer or tablet?

No, the ticket scanners are unable to scan printed mobile barcodes due to improper sizing.

Can I use my tablet to access my tickets at the theatre?

No, the screen is too large and the scanners are unable to scan those barcodes.

If I access my tickets from my account, can I still have them printed at the box office?

Yes, you may request printed tickets from the WichitaTIX box office by paying a printing fee. Keep in mind that once physical tickets are printed, the barcodes on your mobile tickets will be invalidated and removed from your account.

How do I request printed tickets?

Please contact WichitaTIX either by phone at 316-303-8100, option #3 or by email at, Monday through Friday, 10am – 5pm.

How much do printed tickets cost?

The printing fee is $2.00.

What if I login and cannot see my tickets?

Digital tickets will be available and viewable in your account prior to the first show. If you are logged into your account on and do not see your tickets, please contact WichitaTIX in advance either by phone at 316-303-8100, option #3 or by email at, Monday through Friday, 10am – 5pm.

What if my mobile device's battery dies?

We encourage you to charge your device before you come to the theatre, but you may always go to the Box Office for assistance. 

What if I get to the theatre and my mobile/digital ticket isn't on my phone?

Go to the Box Office and they will assist you.